Why I Blog

Why the hell do I even blog? An answer to a very personal question[I guess so that I can take pretty pictures like this and share it. Also just because I can. Location: somewhere in northern Arizona]

Sometimes (aka 24/7) I think about why I blog. And I wonder and ponder and think and probably care about it way too much (hiiiii INFP over here!!).

It’s kind of an odd thing, isn’t it – taking a bunch of photos and putting them in this online space that doesn’t really exist tangibly and sprinkling in some words here and there. And hoping that someone will stumble up on it.

But why?? Sometimes I’m not exactly even sure about the answer. It’s just something that I feel pulled towards, for some reason.

I just feel this need to write and share and hope that others may feel the same way, and maybe spark some sort of conversation about travel or the human experience or where you see yourself in 20 years. I like to share and discuss and reflect.

I am constantly stepping back and making sure that what I’m writing about feels good to me, feels right to me. And that’s when I get stuck on that “why” question.

I like sharing my own story in hopes that it encourages others to do the same. I hope that I inspire other people to seek alternative lifestyles, and to push past their comfort zones.

I also hope that I motivate people to live more sustainably, and to think more about their actions and how it may affect their surroundings.

I also like to think that it helps me improve my writing, and to think more creatively. To stretch my creative muscles. Contrary to what I thought before, my ideas are not drying up – the more I open my mind to those new ideas, the more seem to flow in.

I want to meet other people with similar thoughts and values and start a discussion. I also want to meet others with completely opposite mindsets and feelings and continue that discussion.

I want to learn about different ways of life and what it’s like to walk in someone else’s footsteps, in their socks and shoes.

It’s also a way to catalog life – I’ve always been into having a ‘record’ of things, and of course have always kept a journal – this is somewhat like an extension of that, I suppose.

So in short: to inspire, to be inspired, to connect, and to learn. If you have a blog, or create art, why do you do it? Or honestly why do you do anything that you do? Why do you do what you do and why do you do it? I can’t even think anymore but just, you know, tell my why (please tell me you can’t read that last part without thinking of The Backstreet Boys)…

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