Victoria, Canada: I’m Obsessed With You

Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver, Canada has turquoise water and lots of trees
[Prettiest water color in Lynn Canyon Park, aka go here for the free suspension bridge if you don’t want to pay for Capilano]
I’m currently still in Sweden (only 3 more days! So sad). But all this cold weather reminded me of my trip to Canada in fall 2016.

Actually that’s bullshit, it didn’t really remind me of it at all, I just wanted to post about it…LOL. But without further ado…

Foggy view from a ferry ride from Victoria to Vancouver, Canada
[Foggy view on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver]

Okay so, Canada knows what’s up, man. At least the parts of Canada that I’ve been to, Vancouver and Victoria. Both so pretty.

Like that friend you have who’s gorgeous and has a great personality and you want to hate her but she’s so nice that you can’t.

The Parliament Building and harbor in Victoria, Canada
[My mom and I ate at a restaurant overlooking the harbor and Parliament – I’d highly recommend eating there around sunset, like we did, because it’s so freaking beautiful! This was taken out of the restaurant’s window]

Everyone really is just as nice as they say. And they have accents, but only when they’re saying words that have an “o” in them! At least to me, as a Californian.

Kelsey standing in the harbor in Victoria, Canada
[Standing in front of the harbor trying my best not to look cold like the true Californian that I am]
Pretty much everything we saw in Canada was beautiful. I would happily move there.

Nature right nearby.

Small, pretty cities just like I want (although downtown Vancouver was a little weird to me – what’s up with all the buildings looking the exact same?? It looked kind of sci-fi, futuristic, apocalyptic to me).

Free health care.

No trash in the highways (!!!!). No trash anywhere, really, that wasn’t in a trash can – very different from the states!

Cleaner air.

Nice ass people. I was definitely into it.

And my mom and I went in early October, when the leaves were changing color. EEEEK I lost my shit!! I’m obsessed with fall, and here in the Bay Area, the leaves don’t really change color on most trees – they just kinda fall off. So you can imagine how excited I was – it was basically a religious experience.

The harbor filled with boats in Victoria, Canada
[Boats in the harbor – this was taken from our AirBnb’s window!]
So here’s why I love Canada, Part 1. I’ll cover Vancouver in the next post, but for now, here’s what I think you should do when visiting Victoria:


Orca Whale Watching in Victoria, CanadaBut make sure that it’s an ethical company!!! After a bunch of research, we decided to go with OrcaSpirit, and I really liked our guide! She was really knowledgable and really cared, and talked some shit on Seaworld haha.

The people on our tour were cool, too, and also seemed like they respected the whales. It always amazes me when people act as if wild animals are there for their enjoyment, when that is so not the case.

I was reading some reviews of companies in which reviewers were complaining that they weren’t able to get close enough to the whales – these are creatures that should be respected as we are in THEIR territory. They are not just THINGS there for us to stare and point at and entertain us.

Anyways. That’s my little spiel. I do think that whale watching can be beneficial if done right, since it does bring people closer to nature and more in the forefront of people’s minds once they experience it up close. But I think you definitely have to do your research and make sure you do it right. Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now!


View of buildings in Victoria from the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, CanadaThe Craigdarroch Castle was pretty lit! Unfortunately I suck and only got a picture of the view from said castle, but just know it’s a really beautiful Victorian mansion, full of lovely period rooms. If you want more information or want to see pictures of the castle, you can go here.


Parliament Building at night in Victoria, CanadaYou should also go see the Parliament Building lit up at night! It’s soooo pretty, as you can tell. And the building itself is quite large!


It started pouring right before we were going to hoof it over to the wharf, so we decided to skip it. It looks really pretty though, with lots of colorful buildings!


Ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, CanadaWe kind of had to because we flew into Vancouver, so we had to ferry from Vancouver to Victoria…and then take a bus…and a water taxi…soooo it ended up being a super long day but the ferry ride is sooo pretty. I highly recommend!


The Empress Hotel covered in red ivy in Victoria, CanadaJUST LOOK AT THAT IVY! Unfortunately, they’ve cut it all back since I was there, but it’s still a beautiful hotel. They also do high tea (which is a litttttle pricey, so we didn’t do it, but it would’ve been a cool experience!), and it’s just cool to walk around inside. They also have a spa and other fun things.

I wish I’d gone to the Buchardt Gardens, because I love plants and flowers and things, and because everyone says you should go, but I don’t know – I’ve looked at pictures and I’m honestly not super impressed.

Not that I’m stuck up and hard to please or anything, but I prefer more a more rugged setup than a meticulously organized one and it just doesn’t look that amazing to me. But I don’t know, maybe the pictures just aren’t doing it justice?

But ugh, I would live in Victoria if I could! It’s just so pretty. We stayed for 2 full days, and it just wasn’t enough! I’d definitely recommend 3 full days at least, especially if you love all things nature.

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  1. Victoria is so lovely! We went in summer 2016 to visit friends who live there. I love it! It’s actually the only place in Canada I’ve been to. Need to see more!

    1. I loved it, too! Hence why I felt compelled to write a whole post on it haha. But I agree with you – I’ve only been to Victoria/Vancouver, and I’m dying to get over to Alberta! I want all those high alpine lakes and mountains – time to start trip planning! 🙂

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