The Best Eco Friendly Gifts (for Travelers!)

The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Travelers
[Can’t live without these things]
Ok, so as much as I try and buy used items, that obviously isn’t going to happen all the time. Especially for the upcoming holidays – so here are some ideas for someone who’s an eco-conscious traveler, or who just wants to reduce their plastic use in general!

I would be absolutely STOKED to receive any of these items as a gift, especially since I’m a minimalist(ish) traveler that doesn’t want to have any extra items with me. These are all things I currently use or would love to have, and deem the best eco friendly gifts!

In this list, I’ve included items you can find on Amazon as well as the store Life Without Plastic. They’re an awesome company with a wonderful message, and I myself love to support companies like that.


The Snow Peak Titanium Spork is a wonderful eco friendly gift, especially for a traveler!
[The love of my life]
Snow Peak Titanium Spork – I’m obsessed with this spork. Before I got it, I had a plastic one that was a fork/spoon combo, but it broke really quickly. I’ve been using this stainless steel version for years now and it’s come in handy sooo many times! It’s super lightweight, so I’ve taken it backpacking and traveling, and you have no idea how useful a spork is haha. I literally carry it EVERYWHERE.

I’d highly highly recommend it – it’s my favorite thing ever, hands down! I’m currently in Thailand, and even though I can’t speak much Thai (I at least learned hello/goodbye/thank you, but that’s about it), I’ve found that if I just hold the spork up it gets the idea across that I don’t need a plastic one.

If you want to support another awesome plastic free company, check out Life Without Plastic! They sell a similar spork.


A reusable water bottle is a fantastic eco friendly gift for a traveler, especially this stylish gold and white marble one by Swell!Insulated Reusable Water Bottle – Same with my reusable water bottle. I have the insulated one and it’s such a game changer when it’s hot out and I want to keep my water cold. It could also work if you wanted to keep something hot in the winter, but I always just put water in mine because I don’t want to taint it with other liquids lol.

If that’s the case for you, too, you can always get two πŸ˜‰

If you’re going for ~fashun~ and are as marble-obsessed as I am, I love this gold marble one this pink marble one or this blue marble one.

Or, you can always go with a classic Hydroflask if you prefer that model. IMO Swell and Hydroflask make some of the best eco friendly water bottles out there πŸ˜‰


The AWAY suitcase makes a great sustainable gift!Β Ok, so I don’t know AWAY is particularly environmentally friendly, BUT I do know it’s important to get something that will LAST so you don’t have to keep buying a new suitcase. My friend bought brand new luggage for our trip to Europe and the wheel of her giant suitcase broke off a month into it. The fabric also got totally ripped up on the bottom from lugging it around (probs was cheap fabric to begin with, but I think with a hard shell you have less likelihood of that.)

And guess where that suitcase went? Straight into the landfill.

The AWAY suitcase is an excellent option for an eco friendly gift!

I’ve had my Away bag since the beginning of 2019, and I LOVE it. I haven’t had any issues and it’s been with me through so many different countries/places lol. Like, when I was first using it I was moving around almost every single week (the life of a digital nomad is not always easy LOL.) I was either taking a plane or a train or a bus. I usually carry it on, but have also checked it, and have had zero problems.

Plus the hard exterior keeps your belongings safe, and you don’t have to worry about the fabric ripping.

Compartments in the AWAY suitcase - a wonderful eco-friendly present!
It was an investment I was really hesitant to make, but I’m sooo glad I did. They also have a lifetime warranty so if it does break for some reason, you can get a new one for free!

Get $20 off any AWAY item by clicking here.


I jumped on this train at the beginning of the year and am OBSESSED.

I am a full convert and love that I no longer have worry about bottles spilling shampoo everywhere when I travel. Plus one less liquid item that I have to worry about taking out of my bag in security is always a plus πŸ˜‰

You can get one from Life Without Plastic here. I admit that I haven’t tried this one myself – my bar is from a random store in Europe lol – but it has good reviews, so why not!


This is super necessary for any traveler. And just life in general really, lol.

A portable charger is a necessity for every traveler, and this one is solar powered!The one I have is no longer sold, but the one I’m linking here (and what the photo above is) literally looks THE EXACT SAME as the one I have, but is just by a different company.

It’s solar powered, but to be honest idk how much sun it needs to actually charge haha. I mainly bought it because I was going to be camping for weeks at a time when I was in the conservation corps. But I never really noticed it charging super well if I left it in the sun, but it still works well regardless. I have an iPhone 6s and the battery usually is able to charge it to full power at least twice before I have to recharge it.

This portable charger by Poweraid is a great gift for a traveler!This one also looks good, though, if you don’t need/want the solar power.


A reusable metal straw set is a great eco friendly gift option for a traveler!Reusable Metal Straw – I don’t use this as much as my spork per say, but it’s still nice to have when I do want to get a smoothie or something!

It’s especially useful when traveling – right now I’m in Thailand and constantly buying coconuts on the street! So it’s super handy to have this to sip with πŸ™‚

Aaaaand here’s another one by Life Without Plastic!


Girlfriend Leggings make a great sustainable gift!Girlfriend Leggings – I have a pair of these and LOVE THEM! Plus they’re made of recycled plastic which is fantastic. (And that rhymes, soooo…)

I bought my pair at the beginning of 2017, wear them all the time, and they are still in AMAZING shape. Like I literally have no complaints. The fabric/waistband is still just as tight as when I first bought them, like there’s nothing worse than a stretched out waist on a pair of leggings am I right???

Girlfriend Leggings are a great eco friendly gift!

I’ve tried a few other brands – I bought the ones from Fabletics a long time ago, they were pretty good but kinda thin, also have the Zella Live In Leggings from Nordstrom but I felt like they were too loose around my hips and always slid down. Plus the fabric was just a little too thick and not clingy enough for my liking, especially around the ankles.

Enter Girlfriend leggings. They fit amazing – I personally love the high waisted ones so that I can wear them with a cropped top/sweater (I don’t care what anyone says lol, I think leggings look cute like this haha) and they kinda just suck me in, too.

Girlfriend Leggings make a wonderful eco-friendly present!
[I swear they make that booty pop lol]
Plus the way the seams are designed somehow makes my butt look perkier??? And my biggest pet peeve is when leggings gather/bunch around the ankles and aren’t tight but these ones fit like a glove, yet the fabric is thick enough to make me feel less exposed haha.

And they’re super sustainable – when you’re ready to retire your leggings, you can SEND THEM IN AND THEY WILL RECYCLE THEM. I love this and wish more companies did this! And then they also give you $15 off your next purchase πŸ˜‰

Get $10 off your first order of $95 by clicking here!


Jade Travel Yoga Mats make great eco friendly gifts for travelers!Jade Travel Yoga Mat – I love this mat! It’s the perfect size for travel and it’s eco friendly. They’re made of natural rubber, which is the most eco friendly product for yoga mats out there right now (that I know of.) Plus Jade plants a tree for every mat they sell.

They also make all their products in the US and ensure that their workers are treated right, and have programs to share yoga with other communities that may not otherwise be able to experience it – like hospitals and prisons. So, ya know, can’t get better than that πŸ˜‰


All Good Sunscreen is an excellent eco friendly brand - the perfect gift for a sustainably conscious person!Mineral Sunscreen – I love this sunscreen! I will give you a heads up that it doesn’t spread as well as a chemical one would, (it leaves a semi-white-ish sheen on my face if I don’t rub it in well enough) so I don’t usually wear it EVERY DAY, just on days I’m going to the beach or something of the sort. I do love knowing that it’s reef safe and better for my skin than a chemical one. πŸ™‚

Here’s the same thing by Life Without Plastic, if you want to support their awesome company πŸ˜‰

And the tins are made of metal, not plastic! YAY! I love to reuse mine for other products (they currently house my homemade deodorant lol), but you can also just recycle them.


Bamboo toothbrushes are wonderful gifts for eco friendly travelers!Bamboo Toothbrush – Love these bad boys. I converted a couple years ago and don’t have any regrets. And these ones have charcoal bristles which is fun.

You can find the rainbow brush (pictured in one of the photos below) here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sustainable gift guide – I’m sure the eco friendly traveler/human in your life would appreciate any of these items (I know I would lol, *hint hint*)

Reusable chopsticks, spork, and water bottle are essential for traveling around Europe
[Some of my actual reusable items]Β Β 
And if you want to use some eco friendly gift wrapping – I usually just try to reuse bags that people have gifted me, or I get creative and use old posters/cool newspaper/packaging that I have lying around the house!

Or, I’d honestly be more than happy to receive a gift that’s not wrapped at all! πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best eco friendly gifts, and found something for the eco friendly person in question (or maybe you’re just looking for yourself!)


The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Travelers

The Best Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Travelers

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