How to Improve Your Workaway Profile: An Interview With a Workaway Host

Kathi & Gerald in the barn at Milchmäderl
[Kathi and Gerald with one of their sheep. Courtesy of Milchmäderl’s website.]
This is an interview with Kathi, a Workaway host. She and her partner, Gerald, own their own organic sheep farm: Milchmäderl. They produce various cheeses, like ricotta, Camembert, feta, halloumi, soft cheese (kinda like cream cheese), and hard cheese (like Pecorino). They started their farm about an hour west of Vienna in 2017. You can read more of their story below, or follow them on Instagram!

Workaway is a platform that connects people who want to volunteer with hosts all around the world. You can do almost anything on Workaway – opportunities vary and can include nannying, farm work, construction, web design, and more! Most of the time, you do not get paid with Workaway as it is purely a volunteer/cultural exchange experience, although there are some opportunities where you do. Normally, you volunteer about 25 hours/week in exchange for housing and food, but it does vary on the host.

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