Santorini, Greece: Perfect for Solo Female Travelers

View from Santorini caldera of Blue-domed Church and ferry on water - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[I got this perfect Santorini shot by wandering alllll the way up the Caldera from Fira; I even saw a wedding shoot taking place later on!]
Santorini is a lovely island, but maybe not what you expected! At least it wasn’t for me. I thought it would be all sandy beaches and annoyingly romantic and gross.

BUT surprise, surprise – the beaches were not all that great! If you want beautiful beaches and whatnot, get your ass to Paros or Naxos.

Santorini does have beaches, don’t get me wrong – I went to the red beach, which was cool and all, but it didn’t have that super soft sand that you may picture. It was more like fiber-y chunks of tree bark.

The black beach and white beach are supposedly cool, too (I didn’t go) – but again, not what you expect. Santorini is a raised island, so it’s up on a platform. Hence the not so great beaches and rockiness.

The Red Beach in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Looking like a goober at The Red Beach]
And I was not in it for the romantic nights or Greek men because I had a boyfriend at the time. But I WAS nervous to go to Santorini solo because I thought it would literally be all couples and I’d feel super lame and left out and alone forever.

Yet nay – it was not like that at all! I met two other solo female travelers in my hostel Fira Backpackers on the first night and we went to see the sunset in Oia together. SO HA, take that silly brain.

The next day Andrew arrived (the friend I’d made several days before in Athens) and I met another solo female that was staying in his room in our hostel! Basically if you’re a solo female and you really wanna go to Santorini you should 100% do it. There will def be couples (quite a few when we went to see the sunset) but I guarantee there’ll be some other single ladies there, too!

OKAY so. You’re probably like, well that sounds chill and all, but like what should I actually DO in Santorini? GIRL (or guy), LET ME TELL YOU.


Ferry on water surrounded by cliffs in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Incoming ferry as viewed from the volcano tour – read more below]
You can either fly directly into Santorini or take a ferry. I love ferry rides and boat things and basically anything on the water, so I would 100% take them over and over again, but that’s just me! Ferry rides are also a little cheaper.

Depending on which ferry you take, it’s about a 7.5 hour or 4.5 hour trip from Athens. Read more about the ferries here.

Once you get into Santorini, you’ll need to take a bus to the part of town you’re staying in. It’s pretty easy to figure this out, since there are a TON of buses just waiting at the ferry port once you arrive. The buses list their end destination, but you can also just ask the bus driver if it goes to your part of town.


Santorini is much bigger than you may expect – I’d suggest either renting an ATV or know that you’ll be taking the bus.

The buses in Santorini are pretty reliable so we didn’t have any trouble taking them (EXCEPT for the night when my friend Andrew and I were at the Red Beach and the last bus never came!!).


Blue doors and white buildings in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[I need these colors in my life]
I stayed in Fira (the city center), which I really liked. Other popular places are Oia (more couple-y but great views), Imerovigli (quieter and further from the city center), or Perissa (near beaches, no views, quieter.)

If you’re a solo female, I’d suggest Fira since it’s in the center, has easy access to transportation, and has a bit more going on than the other parts of town. I stayed at Fira Backpackers and would highly recommend it. You’ll be in the center of town and close to a 24-hour bakery (EEEEEEK). They also offered laundry services for a ridiculously cheap price (I mean, you still have to do your own laundry but it was like €2 for soap) so I took full advantage of that! It was also definitely geared more towards younger travelers/meeting people, which was nice.

Blue-domed churches and white buildings in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!

I went there right before the tourist season in early June, and it was already starting to get crowded. If you’re going to go, I would HIGHLY discourage you from going in July or August, as it’s been rumored to feel like Disneyland. I think fall and spring are definitely the best seasons to go!

But without further ado – here’s what I enjoyed doing in Santorini!


View of white buildings and blue-domed churches along the caldera in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Be still my heart]
It’s free. And you can’t beat free. AND THE VIEWS!!!

I wandered around in Fira, and found that once I passed all the shops and restaurants it was pretty empty – perfect for blue-domed church scouting, relaxed vibes, and getting pics with no people.

Just know that there are a shit ton of stairs – be prepared!


Iconic blue doors, white buildings, and red flowers in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!

They really know how to decorate on the Greek islands, let me tell ya. Ugh. I couldn’t handle all the beautiful doors and contrasting colors. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL.


Pink sunset over the ocean in Oia in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Sunset in Oia]

I mean, I don’t think the sunset in Oia was the most beautiful freaking sunset I’d ever seen in my entire life (and the crowds of people around didn’t make it any better, lol) but it was still pretty freaking gorgeous. You literally see the sun sink into the water, which is cool, and everyone claps after it’s over.

View of white houses on a cliff overlooking blue water in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Waiting for the sunset in Oia – check out all those people on the far side of the photo]
Sun sinking into the ocean at the sunset in Oia, Santorini - Santorini is an unexpectedly perfect place for solo female travelers
[Seeing the sun sink into the water]

If you do decide to go to Oia, make sure you get there EARLY to secure a good sunset viewing spot. If you’re planning on taking the bus over, make sure you line up early, as well, as they fill up fast and you may have to wait another 20 minutes for the next one.


The blue green water of the hot springs at the volcano and hot springs tour in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[The ‘hot’ springs – it was so pretty, I thought it was worth it just to see the area alone!]
It was only €20, and you take a boat ride (on a cool looking boat!!) over to an island where you hike to a volcano. The volcano itself was kinda anitclimactic (it’s like a small amount of smoke rising from a small hole) but the guides are pretty knowledgable and give you some good info.

Then, they take you to some ‘hot’ springs (spoiler alert: they were definitely more lukewarm than anything) and you put mud all over yourself. Then you ride the boat back. I thought it was pretty cool overall, and totally worth the money.

Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT ride the donkeys up or down to the dock. There’s a gondola you can take, or you can walk (but be prepared for it to be smelly!) – the donkeys don’t seem to be treated too well, and have to walk up and down extremely steep and slippery stairs all day.


Boats at the Volcano Tour in Santorini - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[Boats docked at the volcano tour]

Did you even go to the Greek Islands if you don’t take a boat ride somewhere? And yeah, I guess a ferry kinda counts…But if you can, you should definitely do some other sort of boat ride!

When we were in Oia, there were a ton of boats out on the water doing a sunset tour (not sure how expensive that is, though, but it looks super pretty), and the volcano tour is cool and only €20, and there are plenty of other cool boat things to do!


If you’ve read my Paros post, you’re familiar with my love affair of vegetarian Souvlaki and baked goods. YUM.


Boat on blue water near the cliffs in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[I feel like you can’t not look at this and just want to chillllllllllll]
Greece is a place for relaxation and chilling the EFFFFF out.


The Red Beach has the brightest blue water in Santorini, Greece - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!Such a pretty place! It really does like more reddish than I expected it to, and the color of the water is beautiful! It is a little rocky and kind of a trek to get to if you’re taking the bus, but it’s totally worth it IMO. I think Chacos or Tevas are great to wear for this excursion.

Black Chacos in Paros, Greece
[Proudly ‘sporting’ (lol) my Chacos in Paros]
And I know people LOVE to hate on sports sandals, but I personally think the all black Chacos are actually pretty cute.


Andrew and I stopped for dinner on our walk back from the Red Beach, and watched the sun go down as we ate. It wasn’t the BEST meal I’d ever had, and you could tell it was 100% catered for tourists, but the view was so pretty I didn’t mind.


Caldera views of white buildings and blue-domed churches in Santorini - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!

  • The hiking trail from Fira to Oia
  • The cool cliff jumping spot in Amoudi Bay
  • The white beach and the black beach
  • Maaaaaybe I would’ve rented an ATV. However, since I’d already rented a go-kart in Paros, I didn’t feel the need to rent one again, and they were a little more expensive in Santorini. And I admit that I was a little terrified to drive one – Andrew did most of the driving in Paros, and I’ve heard some horror stories of tourists flipping them etc. The traffic on Santorini can be a little crazy!
The Red Beach in Santorini, Greece and its bright blue water - Santorini is a perfect destination for solo female travelers!
[The Red Beach again because it’s so damn pretty]
Above all: HAVE FUN! Santorini really is a beautiful place, and one I’m very happy I visited. The views really are stunning.

However, as much as I enjoyed Santorini, I don’t think I’ll be back (unless I book a place at one of those cliffside infiniti pools!!). Don’t get me wrong – I love Greece, but would choose to go back to Paros or another less touristy island (read: not Mykonos or Ios; lately I’ve been thinking Milos or Zakynthos).

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17 thoughts on “Santorini, Greece: Perfect for Solo Female Travelers

  1. Beautiful! I love how honest your post was. And your’e right, I’ve always thought of this destination for couples, but glad to know it’s great for solo travelers, too.

  2. I’ve been dying to get here! After reading this article I’m thinking maybe I should stop waiting for my dude and just book a ticket by myself. πŸ˜›

  3. I loved Santorini! I thought it was beautiful. I would love to do the cliff jumping spot next time. The β€œhot” springs tour you did looked fun as well. The red beach looks gorgeous!

    1. Yes, I only found out about the cliff jumping place after I’d been there, but wish I knew about it before. Looked like so much fun!

  4. Greece, Santorini specifically has been on my bucket list for a long time. Your pictures are beautiful and I love your descriptions & honesty. I have a girlfriend that loves to travel solo and she has been talking about going to Santorini. Can’t wait to show this to her.

  5. Santorini is on our bucket list and I am so glad to come across your detaild guide – this is really going to help us plan our trip. I had been wondering about whether to stay at Fira or Oia but after reading your post seems like Fira might be a good option for solo travelers. Beautiful photographs – thanks for sharing all the details.

  6. ive never stayed in a hostel i tend to get a AirBNB or hotel
    what do you recommend?
    Ill be in greece the first week of September (Sept 4-15) Ill be in Santorini probably Sept 10-14. if any fellow solo female travelers want to get together πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Keetick! It depends what sort of trip you want to have. Hostels can be great if you want to meet other people, but usually the people staying in them are between the ages of 18-30; you can of course stay in a hostel at any age, but those are the ages you’ll most likely encounter. Be sure to look at what the hostel is known for (you can usually get a feel by reading the reviews) as some tend to be more geared towards partying and some for quieter relaxation.

      AirBnbs are great if you want to have your own space and cook your own meals (although some hostels have a kitchen, if that’s something you want be sure to look for that in their description.) Or, you can get a private room in an AirBnb and possibly make friends with your host (I’ve had some amazing hosts that invited me to dinner etc.)

      I personally love both hostels and AirBnbs, but again – it really just depends what kind of trip you want to have!

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