Paros, Greece is the Most Relaxing Place Ever

Paros, Greece: AKA Actual Heaven - just look at that perfect blue water and white houses! Visit in June for less tourists.I cannot talk about Paros enough. I loved loved L-O-V-E-D Paros. Did I tell you how much I loved Paros? No? Okay well get ready to sit and listen to me for about 10 hours. Yay so much fun!

We asked the guy at the front desk in my friend Andrew’s hostel which islands we should go to – we knew we wanted to do Santorini (I know, I know – super touristy…But it’s like one of those places I think everyone HAS to see) and one other.

Apparently Santorini doesn’t have great beaches and we wanted that, so he suggested Paros or Naxos. According to him, Naxos was more known for families, so Paros it was!


Jimi hostel is a beautiful white and blue building in paros in greece in June
[Back side of Jimi Hostel]

Because we went in early June, it wasn’t crowded at all! And because it wasn’t high tourist season yet – July and August – it was also way cheaper.

Our hostel was beautiful and only €11 a night (Jimi Hostel – highly recommend!!! The owners are the absolute sweetest people on earth, and they pick you up from the ferry port), we rented a buggy for only €25 for the day (usually almost twice that in high season).

White and blue buildings in Paros, Greece in June
[This isn’t our hostel, but it pretty much looked just like that!]
It was also still pretty warm! The first day we were there was really windy, but after that we got beautiful weather and it was warm enough to go in the water. So, here’s what I’d recommend in Paros:


I forgot to grab a picture of any of the food we ate, because I ate it so quickly…The food here was so cheap. And so good.

And sometimes the bakeries are open 24 FREAKING HOURS. You heard me. You can be walking home from a night out and grab a delicious amazing cheese pie for €1.50 (or about $2 USD). YEP. Nothing. Better.

I ate my weight in cheese pies and Spanikopita (a yummy cheesy spinach-y thing).


road in paros in greece surrounded by desert vegetation and white houses in June
[I looked like a huge dork in the only picture taken of me on an ATV, so you get a pic of a street we saw while riding said buggy]
We only paid €25 for a buggy (an ATV is a little cheaper but they made me nervous haha) and if you find someone to go with it’s only €12.50 for each of you.

I would highly recommend it as it took us sometimes 30 mins to get to a destination, which is way too far to walk and the island does have buses but they are supposedly pretty unreliable. It was a great way to see a lot of the sights (the island is much bigger than you’d think!).

Also, I didn’t realize how desert-y Greece would look! I suppose I am a fool, and I’m not even sure what type of landscape/vegetation I was expecting, but I expected something a little more lush and tropical, I think. Which apparently is what some of the other islands are, but I’m not 100% sure exactly which ones!


Beaches in Paros, Greece have the most beautiful blue water and are surrounded by white houses and desert plants
[Random beach on a pathway we took from our hostel]
We went to Santa Maria, Molos, Golden Beach, and a couple more that I can’t remember the names of – they were all SO pretty and the water was beautiful. You pretty much can’t go wrong anywhere! Rent an ATV/buggy and go to all of them. And then never leave.

Cobblestone streets and white buildings in Paros, Greece in June

But make sure you’re quiet! It’s rude to make a lot of noise during this time, but since everyone is inside sleeping it’s a great time for cool pics, and just to let the feel of Greece really sink in. Siesta is around 2-5PM daily!

And while you’re exploring, stare at all the cute front porches…

Orange flowers on front porch with blue gate on the streets of Paros, Greece in June
[How do they even do that? It’s so damn cute! Those orange-y pink flowers were all over Greece]


Naoussa harbor in Paros, Greece is full of blue water and white and blue buildings
[Naoussa harbor]
We went to Naoussa and Lefkos! Both were really pretty and cute. I’d highly recommend! They’re both pretty small areas, and we were on a budget, sooo we kinda just walked around and didn’t really spend much. Since they’re small, they’re very easy to aimlessly wander around (and both very pretty, too!).


It’s literally THE. SHIT. I still have dreams about it.

Souvlaki is basically a gyro with the usual toppings, but then. THEY ADD FRIES. You’ve got to be effing kidding me.

And not the shitty stringy fries either. Like the thick-ass, soft, potato type of fries. So. FUCKING. delicious! And even as a vegetarian I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I was like, HELLO. GIVE TO ME. And they did. They definitely did.


Marble Quarry Entrance in Paros, Greece
[See that black hole? That’s the entrance…]
We semi-explored the marble quarry, but didn’t really venture in all the way! It was definitely creepy, and so silent and dark.

You can venture pretty far in if you’d like, but a guide is recommended. There are also a bunch of abandoned dilapidated buildings right nearby that are interesting to look at – they used to belong to a French mining company. Apparently some of the finest quality marble was found here (called Parian marble) – Napoleon’s tomb, Venus de Milo, and Hermes were all made out of Parian marble!

This harbor in Paros, Greece has beautiful blue water and is surrounded by white buildings!

There’s something in the air there. But it chills you out and sucks you in. I stayed an extra day and would’ve stayed longer if I could’ve!

Pathway to the beach in Paros, Greece surrounded by ocean, and hills with white buildings
[Random path to the beach from our hostel]
Recipe for a perfect day in Paros: Wake up. Walk to bakery and get some sort of pie. Go to beach. Lay on beach. Swim in water. Relax. Get Souvlaki. Walk around town or go back to beach. Get Souvlaki or pie for dinner. Watch sunset. Relax with good book or go out and grab a beer. Cuddle up in your bed, reflecting on what a perfect day it was. Repeat.

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