On Being an Overanalyzer and Indecision Master

overanalyzing and indecisionUGH. I’m sure a lot of people have this problem, but especially for me, I feel it hard.

The overanalyzing that goes on in my life and the indecision is so damn real.

Too damn real, because it’s taking over my life. Not literally, but damn – I don’t usually overanalyze TOO much, but lately I’ve been in this super weird phase where I’m just THINKING about everyone and everything. I mean, as an INFP I’m always thinking thinking thinking, but lately I’ve been overthinkingthinking, if that makes sense. And the indecisiveness – don’t even get me started on that.


Cliffs of Moher and Indecision[This picture looks beautiful, but little do you know indecision was eating me alive during this solo trip to Europe; Cliffs of Moher in Ireland]

I’m trying so hard to be a more decisive person! But I’ve always been attracted to about 2 million different things, and with all the options these days, it can be really freaking hard to choose.

Some things are a no-brainer for me – like always choosing the ice cream with the most chocolate in it – but some decisions that SHOULD be easy leave me feeling so confused and lost. And then I wait till the last minute to decide, and end up with the same decision I’d have made at the beginning, and realize all that stress was for nothing. Or I panic and make a rash decision that I end up regretting, or I wait until there’s only one option left and that ends up not being what I wanted.

SIGH. Especially when I’m trying to decide how to structure my day. Ugh, I am soo soooo bad at that. And especially if I have shit to do that I reallllllly don’t want to. I can’t decide what errand to do first, or what’s the best way to go about my day, and end up wasting so much time (usually on social media – SIGH #2) when I should’ve just gotten off my ass and done SOMETHING.

Indecision is real[Running away from all the decisions, a very healthy way of dealing with things]

I’m also constantly polling my friends and overanalyzing each side – especially if it’s a life altering decision. I don’t even want to think about if I decide to get married one day. I literally have such a difficult time deciding what to eat each morning. You should just ask my college roommates how annoying I was deciding which classes to take every quarter. I’ll give you a hint: I was SO. ANNOYING. And bugged them for a million hours every time it came time to choose classes.


Torq Mountain in Killarney National Park in Ireland; Indecision is Real[For some reason there’s always a picture of a path or a road when people are talking about decisions so here’s me being like everyone else; Torq Mountain in Killarney National Park in Ireland]

Lately, I’ve been trying to force myself to decide quickly for little decisions. And to be honest, my current job has been really helping me with this. I’m constantly forced to make small ones (although having a boss to bat ideas back and forth with helps a lot, too) and this is slowly building my confidence to make big ones.


And flipping a coin is another good option – not because you have to do whatever you assigned each side to be, but you choose whichever side you were secretly HOPING the coin would land on. Like you’ll either feel happy or sad when it lands – so that’s a good way to figure out which decision will make you happier.


Ireland; Indecision is Real[What will you regret not having done in your life? For me, it’s exploring more places like this and living in a cute little house like that]

Another way is to think about being on your deathbed, and which decision you’d regret most not having done. A little depressing maybe, but in the last year I’ve started to think a lot more about my own mortality and that’s been helping me choose (and to almost always go for the riskier choice, haha).


If your friend was in the same position, how would you advise them? Sometimes a change in perspective helps a ton, and stops indecision in its tracks.


Get so fucking mad at yourself for being indecisive that you literally force yourself to make some decision, stick with it, and remind yourself you can always change your life or figure something else out if you’re not happy with your chosen path. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Indecision is real[How I feel when I finally make the damn decision]

Good luck out there friends. It’s a very scary world out there for Indecision Masters, but I believe in you. Do all the things. Make all the decisions. Okay, now I’m off to figure out what I’m going to eat for dinner…(10 hours later)…

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