No One Knows What They’re Doing

no one really knows what they're doing at all (ever)This is a little something I’m literally just learning at the ripe age of 25. I’m not really sure what exactly I’m ‘ripe’ for but that’s just something I hear people say, so there you go.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE DOING WITH THEIR LIVES. Or where their lives will be in 5 years ~dreaded interview question~

When I was younger (read: yesterday), I thought that everyone else had everything figured out and I was the only one looking for something, anything to grasp on to. But nope, turns out everyone else is just as floppily floundering.

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE (there are those rarities who have known they were going to be doctors from the age of 2), but I think for most of us, we sort of know the general direction, and the rest is just figuring it out as we go along.

Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle, Washington[Pretending like I know what I’m doing; hanging out in Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle]

I thought everyone had a plan and knew what the hell they were doing before they began new ventures but through the internet (and the new wave of open-ness that everyone is suddenly exhibiting), I’m learning that most people didn’t have it figured out when they started that business or that blog or that comedy channel on YouTube. They just started.

And most people have no idea what in the world them starting will turn into, either. They just fucking start.

So, go start YOUR THING!

Looking out at the snow covered landscape of colorful buildings and a fjord in Narvik, Norway[What’s your thing? For the longest time, mine was this blog – and I admit, I still have other “things” that I’m avoiding]

You know, that thing you’ve been wanting to do but putting off because you didn’t think you had enough experience, or qualifications (unless maybe it’s brain surgery…but anything else, go right ahead)?

Like what the hell qualifies me to be a blogger? I literally just started this blog and yet here I am, calling myself a blogger (along with a myriad of other names, like “perfect” and “millionaire” and “sexy mama”, all of which are true as well).

Beautiful bay in Paros, Greece[Ahhhh Paros, Greece – one of those places I definitely did not give a single fuck or worry about life]

And don’t not do it for the silliest of all silly reasons, which is the ridiculous CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.

WHO FUCKING CARES. This is your life and when you’re on your deathbed, are you going to want to look back and know you never quit that crappy job and traveled the world because you thought your friends/family would judge you or stop talking to you or because you got mad FOMO just thinking about all the things you’d miss out on back home??

(I’m telling this to myself just as much as I’m telling this to you guys, by the way).

SO. Do your thing. Be you. Live your truth. START.

You don’t need to visualize the end product because sometimes that’s a little overwhelming, just do little things each day to work towards it. And from that, who knows what might happen.

But whatever you do, START. And as a wise philosopher once said (Kevin G): “Don’t let the haters stop you from doin’ yo thang!”.

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