How I Get Out of a Funk

How I Get Out of a Funk[Classic red soil of Sedona, Arizona]

When I’m feeling like shit, here’s what I end up doing to feel like a shiny new me all over again.


I think that being creative for no reason at all is good for the soul.

It just kind of releases any shit feelings you’re having that day, somehow.
The outdoors has that same effect on me, too – anyone else feel this way??

But when I can just create – and not have this thought in my head that I’m doing it for work, or for someone else, or with the thought that other people might see it – and I can just wholly do it for me, I think is when things come out the best. When I can properly translate what’s in my brain into something tangible that I feel proud of.

Especially in this all-consuming world of technology day and age it feels so NICE to just shut off the overanalytical part of my brain and just follow my intuition.

Usually, I shove it out of my head through writing, scrapbooking, or taking photos, if I’m looking for something creative. Or scouring the internet for pretty images and putting together a collection of inspirational photos.


ENDORPHINS. These guys are my BFFFFFFs. And they should be yours, too. So go get active, y’all. I usually end up opting for yoga or a run/walk outside.


I’m an INFP. So, I need, like NEED, my alone time in order to feel sane, especially if I was just around a bunch of people. Reading a good book always helps. Although I must admit that I haven’t been reading as much as I probably should as of late…


Hanging out with good friends helps, too (and we all have those friends we turn to that can make us laugh no matter what), but it also depends on the sort of mood I’m in – if I’m feeling overwhelmed/socially pooped, I turn to myself. Which might sound sad and lonely, but for me, it’s not!

Doing any of these things helps me come out of my funk feeling and feel renewed again.

What gets you out of a funk?? I’m always curious to hear about other people’s methods! Especially you mysterious extroverts – does getting out of your funk usually involve other people? Do extroverts even really read blogs? Is writing typically more of an introvert thing? Enlighten me, please! I’m kind of dying to know.

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