Growth is Good, But Why?

Growth is good, but why? Sometimes I wonder –

Growth is good and all, but when is “good” good enough?

Like, I know that making yourself uncomfortable and whatnot is good for growth – but sometimes ya girl just wants to be comfy, ya know?

Like if I have the option to choose between the chair with nails sticking out of it and the chair with and extremely soft cushion that feels like a cloud – you better believe I’m gonna choose the chair with the cloud! Maybe that’s not the best analogy – but I feel like there’s a very fine line between feeling uncomfortable and being just downright MISERY.

Like I love traveling alone and all (and you definitely grow A LOT from that!) BUT sometimes I just wanna travel with a friend and make #nonewfriends.

Ya know?

I think you really have to know yourself and be honest – like is this good growth-y uncomfortable-ness, or is this miserable not fun uncomfortable-ness?

But I do think it’s important to push yourself – push yourself to do things you know deep down in your soul/heart/etc. you’ve always wanted to do but that you’re terrified to.

Like when I joined the conservation corps. Was I terrified out of my mind? Yes. Did I really want to do it? Yes – for some odd reason. Was it really hard and definitely made me contemplate quitting and giving up at least 9148883934x a day? Yes. But was it worth it? Not at all. LOL jk it was most definitely worth it!

Because guess what – I grew. Bet you didn’t see that coming. But I really did, into a more confident person.

Does that mean that I’m always confident and never second guess myself and feel insecure because of it? No, definitely not. But now I’m closer to that sort of confidence than I was before I did it. I know that I’m capable and I also feel secretly badass even though I was put on some projects where all I did was pick flowers all day.

But do I make it seem like all I did was work with power tools and get giant guns from swinging a pick all day? Why yes, yes I do.

And also, doing a total 470 and switching gears to everyone’s favorite subject – that lovebug. So, like break-ups make you grow, etc…But when do you stop breaking up? Do you grow less from a long term relationship than you do a break up?

I suppose maybe it’s someone you are growing WITH, someone who is pushing you to grow and get out of your comfort zone.

I love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote – “Do one thing everyday that scares you”.
Because that’s how you grow.

And I hope that we’ve established here that growth is important for some reason that sometimes I’m not even sure why. But it all makes sense when I look back and realize that I was such a different person half a year ago (or even like 1 hour ago) than I am now. And that makes me happy.

So, whatever you do – get the hell out of that comfort zone. Even if it feels shitty at the moment, you’ll look back and be like, yes. It was a good idea to become a lion tamer.

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