Black Friday Deals for Bloggers & Travelers in 2019

Black Friday deals for bloggers and travelers including Keysearch, SEO ebooks, Trusted Housesitters, and Siteground!

So, once upon a time I decided I wanted to buy a new Canon DSLR.

On Black Friday.

At Walmart.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Well, we went. Do I need to tell you it was awful?


There were some shelves of gifts wrapped in plastic scattered throughout the store that they only allowed people to open at midnight. Then once that time hit, Walmart let (encouraged) shoppers to tear the plastic off – and these gifts were big ticket items that everyone wanted.

It was literally like that scene in Mean Girls at the end of the movie – “It was full tilt jungle madness.”

And yes, I bought the camera. But I actually ended up returning it later LOL so all that struggle was for nothing and I am a fool. But anyways, after that experience, I vowed to NEVER go shopping at a store on Black Friday again.

Plus, I admit that I don’t loooove the consumerism attitude that it promotes. But at the same time, if there are items I know I want to buy and they’re cheaper on Black Friday – well, I’m going to get them!

That said, I definitely make a point to keep in mind the things I NEED or really want, and stick to that. Especially as a digital nomad, I can’t really afford (lol) to have anything extra weighing me down. I already struggle enough as it is with my giant backpack, suitcase, and daypack…Yeah, I don’t really travel the lightest LOL.

ANYWAYS here are the Black Friday deals for bloggers! These courses and services I actually love and use. And no need to fight through a Walmart to get them. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and just watch the madness on TV instead!


I use Siteground Hosting for this blog, and haven’t had any issues! I did a LOT of research before choosing my web host, and found that Siteground consistently had the best reviews and was a good deal for the price as well.

You can get it for 70% off right now, the lowest it’s ever priced!

The sale runs from Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 CDT time.


The Make Traffic Happen ebook is excellent if you want to learn more about SEO. I had a basic level knowledge, bought this book, and learned even more! Yes, you can learn on your own, but take it from me, the penny pinching queen – I tried to learn all of this on my own for YEARS but after buying it my traffic has definitely increased!

SEO is a slow game, so you may not see a jump right away, but give it 6 months and I guarantee you will see the benefits! You can get it for 40% off with the code blackfriday19.

From Nov. 29th – 30th! Just 24 hours – EST time.


Keysearch is a tool I put off buying for soooo long and wish I didn’t! I wrote so many posts just guessing about what people were searching for and if I’d had Keysearch, I wouldn’t have had to do that.

If you type in a keyword or phrase, Keysearch tells you exactly how many people have searched for that term in the last several months, gives suggestions of related keywords to use, and so much more! It’s an amazing tool and I admit I’ve just scratched the surface with what it can do.

It’s 40% off right now with the code BLACKFRIDAY from Nov. 29th – Dec. 2nd.


I use Trusted Housesitters to save a TON of money on accommodation. Plus getting to hang out with animals (I don’t want my own yet as I still travel a lot, but love cuddles) is really nice, especially when you’re a mostly solo traveler like me and are usually house sitting alone.

And let me reiterate the savings – I’ve saved over 6 months of accommodation since I started house sitting in January! Plus it’s just a lot of fun, and you get to feel like you’re living like a local when you travel.

It’s now 30% off (it’s normally only 25% off with my link!). This lasts now until Nov. 30th.

Looking for gifts for the holidays? Check out my Eco Friendly Gift Guide and 3 Month Packing List for Winter in Europe for ideas!


Black Friday deals for bloggers and travelers!

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