Kelsey at Queen Mary's Rose Garden in London, England
[Flower fields are my jammmmmm mannnnnnnnn]
Hello lovely people! I’m Kelsey, and I like to write and hike and take pictures and travel. And lots of other things, which you will learn if you read my blog (~ shameless plug ~).

I’ve always been into the whole blogging thing (Just another excuse to talk about myself?), and had a blog on and off for many years (started in 2010!!) that started out as a fashion blog where I would force my brother/dad/mom/friend/tripod/bf/invisible friend to take photos of my outfits. After a while, I realized I wanted to talk about travel and life more than I wanted to post my outfits, and thus, Sights Better Seen was born!

Kelsey in front of a mountain in Mürren in Switzerland on a sunny, snowy day in winter wearing winter clothes
[In the Swiss Alps in Switzerland – never leave your home without your sunglasses, kids, especially in high elevations in the snow! That sun is strong]
Here’s some vibes for ya: travel; nature & some outdoorsiness; general life stuff; creativity; smiles; health & wellness; conservation; environmental friendliness; more smiles. Read on if you’re diggin’ it!


Kelsey on a hike at Sunol Regional Wilderness in California
[Sunol Regional Wilderness in the California Bay Area]
+ I grew up in San Jose, California, but migrated to southern California and later Davis, CA for college. I then moved back to the Bay Area, but realized that’s not where my heart is.

+ I’m currently gallivanting around Europe and figuring out how to make this whole digital nomad life work. Right now, that means house sitting and teaching English online!

+ In college I started out with a major in fashion merchandising…and ended up graduating with half a design major, an actual major in psychology, and a minor in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology. And now I’m starting this blog to attempt to combine some of those interests, along with my passion for travel. So for all you kids out there that want to do #allthethings, it can be done!

+ Solo traveled for the first time (!!!) in summer of 2016 and it was awesome and nerve-racking and amazing and free and stressful and beautiful – all the things you imagine solo travel (and travel in general) to be. I’m currently back in Europe, my favorite place, and figuring out what’s next.

+ I was in the conservation corps for three months in Arizona after I finished college and it was also awesome and nerve-racking and challenging and amazing. Then, I worked in the education sector at a nonprofit that focused on the conservation of birds. If you want to get into environmental nonprofit work, here’s how I broke into the field!


Kelsey looking at canals lined with colorful houses in Colmar, France in winter
[Colmar was PRETTY, and we went in February which meant less tourists and colder temperatures!]
+ In college I did a summer study abroad program in England and Scotland for 1 month, then met up with my friends and went to Barcelona; Prague; Berlin; Amsterdam; London; Paris; Florence; and Rome. It took me (and my poor feet, as I insisted on wearing new boots that hadn’t been broken in yet in the name of #fashion) quite a while to recover, as it was quite a fast-paced, whirlwind trip…But also birthed my extreme passion for travel and I vowed to be back one day (unlike my friends, who vowed never to strap on their backpacks again…).

+ In the summer of 2016, I spent almost 2 months traveling. I started out in Israel with a group, then went to Greece, Ireland, and Belgium solo. This style of traveling was MUCH slower than my first Europe trip and my feet and I were a lot happier.

+ Europe honestly just has my heart – I visited Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Abisko (Northern Sweden!) in January 2017, then went to France and Germany in fall 2018 for Oktoberfest, and now I’m back AGAIN as a digital nomad smack in the midst of my quarter life crisis. Whoops.

+ I’ve lived in California pretty much my entire life (save for the 3 month stint in the conservation corps) and so I’ve traveled around the area pretty extensively!

I hope you enjoy reading about my (mis)adventures and that they inspire you to embark upon your own! If you have any questions or just need some encouragement, please reach out! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or email me at kelsey@sightsbetterseen.com.



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