5 Ways I’ve Made Money Online & Tips for Finding Remote Jobs

How I've gotten remote jobs and made money online working from home, including freelance writing, teaching English online, virtual assistant work, and more! #remotework #remotejobs

How’s your quarantine going? What day are you on? Have you made friends with and drawn a face on any fruits and/or vegetables you have lying around a la Wilson from Cast Away?

I am currently on my way to becoming BFFs with one of the oranges in my fruit basket. You?

But why not get paid during this extra free time you have? It’s 2020, and remote work is here to stay!

I personally do all my work remotely and really enjoy the freedom (ironic much?) it gives me. I make my own hours and take on the work I want when I want. I’m really working to try and diversify my income as I don’t want to put all my eggs in one little basket, so here’s what I’ve done in the past year since becoming a digital nomad to make money online.



Teaching English online with VIP Kid is a great remote job for digital nomads and those who want a location independent lifestyle.
[My current, very simple setup]
This is my main source of income. I started teaching English online with VIP Kid in January 2019, and have been quite happy with it so far!


Freelance writing is a great remote job to have - you can even do it in the snow!
[My ‘office’]
This is my second biggest money earner that I’m currently trying to grow. I’ve had (paid!!!) assignments from three different companies now. Here’s how I landed them, to give you some ideas:

  • One is a ghost writing gig for someone I met during my 3 months living in Bansko. I mentioned that I’m a freelance writer, and he asked if I’d be interested in writing articles for him.
  • I’ve written several articles for Let’s Eat Cake. I’m in a Facebook group for travel bloggers and the owner of the site posted in it asking for travel writers.
  • I stumbled upon a post that Ashley Abroad was hiring, and she’s one of my favorite travel bloggers so I thought, what the heck, why not apply? I ended up writing a one day itinerary for York!


Pinterest page for Sights Better Seen
[My Pinterest account]
I took Molly Ho’s Pinterest course, Pinterest for Creatives, and posted about it on Instagram. Someone asked if I could manage their Pinterest, and I’ve been doing so since February.


This one is still TBD, but I thought I’d include it anyway. Someone I house sat for messaged me saying that one of their clients had a website they wanted edited by someone who’s a native English speaker. She remembered that I mentioned I’m an English teacher/writer, so she reached out and asked if I’d be interested!


Sights Better Seen Travel Blog

Although my traffic has pretty much tanked because of #coronapocalypse, I have made some money through affiliates. Not much, but some!



Facebook page for Sights Better Seen

These are paramount!! I wish I’d joined them earlier. They’re so helpful if you have questions about clients, determining rates, how to handle sticky situations, etc. Sometimes people also post jobs in them.

Join groups with topics that you might be interested in. I’m in groups for travel bloggers as well as travel in general, since that’s what I enjoy writing about. I’m in groups for passive income, freelance writers, digital nomads…Start brainstorming a list of things you’re interested in or remote work you’d like to do, and get to looking!


This was a tough one for me (I’m not the best at, nor do I really like, tooting my own horn), but it’s so important! Tell people what you do, and even mention that you’re currently looking. I’ve found several of my current gigs through word of mouth!


It's a Travel O.D.'s Remote Job Board
[You’ll find jobs like this in her directory]
Have you heard of It’s a Travel O.D.’s remote job board? She posts new remote jobs in different industries almost daily! She also has a ton of content geared towards helping you land remote work, as well as a workshop dedicated to it.

To be honest, since I have teaching as a safety net I haven’t tried to pitch people as much as I probably should (and to be honest, I just HATE pitching). I currently have more of a sit-and-wait-but-look-for-opportunities type of approach. And have mostly been saying ‘yes’ to everything!

In the future, I know I need to be more proactive in pitching, but for now, I’m ok just grabbing opportunities when they come my way!


5 ways I've made money online working remotely, including how I found remote jobs and tips for finding remote work!

How I've gotten remote jobs and made money online working from home, including freelance writing, teaching English online, virtual assistant work, and more! #remotework #remotejobs

Sights Better Seen contains some affiliate links, and if you click one I may receive some commission (at no extra cost to you). But don't worry, I only recommend products/things I actually like and use. :)

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