Visiting Yosemite in Winter – Yes, It’s Awesome

Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park are still just as beautiful (and make great hikes) in winter!
[Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls are absolute beauts – and you can still hike them in winter, too! We were weenies and only did Lower Yosemite Falls]
Yosemite Valley is just one of the those places you HAVE. TO. SEE. And It is chock full of fun winter activities!

IMO it is just awe inspiring, and so so so beautiful. And there’s so much to do, even during the winter! However, make sure you check the weather first, because snow storms are a thing. And you want to go when it’s pretty and perfect and not when a storm is raging.

Driving by a river on Highway 140 near Yosemite National Park in winter
[Yes, you can still drive into Yosemite Park in the winter! Highway 120 may be closed, and if it’s open, you’re more likely to need chains. We’re weenie Californians so we took Highway 140 (which is less twisty/turny, and you’re less likely to need chains) – but like HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE]
That in mind, do whatever you can to NOT go on a weekend in the summer. It will be crowded and hot hot hot but cold at night and a lot of the roads are one lane so there will be SO. MUCH. TRAFFIC.

That said, they do have amazing (FREE!) shuttles that take you to pretty much all the tourist spots you probably want to see anyway so you don’t have to drive. So that’s pretty lit.

Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in winter
[Half Dome looks EPIC in the winter. I love seeing it all covered in snow]
But still. Try not to go in the summer? We went in the winter which was awesome, and I think if you live near Yosemite or have the chance to visit in the winter you 100% should.

Definitely check the weather (look up Yosemite Valley specifically, not just Yosemite!) because it snows often, even if it’s not snowing in the direct surrounding area. You might also need chains which is scary because I’m a wimpy Californian but luckily we went after a big snow so we didn’t have to use them. HA. Take that, winter!

Typically, Highway 120 is closed for winter and you take Highway 140, which is also way less twisty and turny than 120.

Winter activites in the snow in Yosemite National Park
[Playing in the snow is a great winter activity in Yosemite! Definitely add this to your winter itinerary]


BUT ANYWAYS. We camped at Camp 4 (only $6/night whooo) which was cool but also not because it was really rainy – I didn’t mind the rain as much, but what I did mind was the MUD. I kept dropping crap in it, which happened especially often as we were hammock camping and I was a hammock camping nube (still am) but basically every time I would get out stuff would pour onto the ground.

Ughhhhh. It was definitely a cool experience, but not necessarily one I’d want to repeat! I would probably try to stay in the cute little cabin things you can rent. However, if the forecast didn’t have any rain it would’ve been totally fine.

But Camp 4 itself is cool, it’s a walk up campground so it’s first come/first serve, and on that winter weekend there weren’t too many people camping and plenty of spots open.

You can also go to Upper Pines, which is $26 per night if you want a guaranteed spot. If you have a few friends, you can do a Yurt for $59 a night! There are other cabin options, but the Yurt is the cheapest.

Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park in February - add the firefall to your winter itinerary!
[Failed attempt to see the firefall – definitely add this to your winter itinerary if you’re there in February!]
We also tried to see the firefall, but that just did NOT happen because it was cloudy every night. Huge bummer since there are only 2 weeks or so out of the year when the light will hit the waterfall just right, and we just happened to be there during that time!

And because the night before we arrived the firefall had apparently been especially amazing…(brb crying)

Yosemite Valley in the winter in Yosemite National Park - add this beautiful area to your winter itinerary!
[Walking around in Yosemite Valley in the winter fog; photo by Sabrina]
But I almost think Yosemite looks more majestic in the snow. So, finally, I’ll get into what you should fill your winter itinerary with while you’re there….

Upper Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park in California in winter - a beautiful place to add to your winter itinerary (even if you don't do the hike).
[You’ve gotta be kidding me with THOSE VIEWS THO. Upper Yosemite Falls looks even more stunning in the winter epicness!]
Yosemite National Park in winter has lots of great activities for your winter itinerary!
Okay so my absolute favorite activity was pretty much just driving around. And looking at the cliffs. They are just so amazeballs. And with snow on top of them it’s like ohhhhhh mannnn. Literal life.


Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park in winter - a fantastic item on your winter itinerary!
[Womp womp. Our Tunnel View view was kinda cloudy, because winter does that sometimes, but normally it looks epic like this.]
A classic. You see this right when you’re driving into the park, and hence one of the easiest winter activities to check off your list. Except when we went it was cloudy the whole time, but I’ve been in the summer when it’s absolutely beautiful! And loaded with tourists…(like I said, avoid the summer at all costs!)

Hopefully, you get lucky with a clear view!


I LOVE VISITOR CENTERS. Especially national park ones – they are all sooooo good!! And you learn so much about the history of the park. Yosemite has an awesome visitor center, and we also went to the Ansel Adams Gallery which was awesome.


The Mist Trail to Vernal Falls is a great winter hike in Yosemite to add to your itinerary!
[Soooo we didn’t get tooo far on this trail, but you can kindaa see Vernal Falls peeking out]
The Mist Trail to Vernal Falls is a great winter hike in Yosemite National Park; add this to your winter itinerary!
[Views from The Mist Trail that leads to Vernal Falls, and eventually, Nevada Falls]
In the spring/summer, Vernal Falls pretty much always has a rainbow at the end of it. We didn’t go very far, because it was SUPER snowy when we were there, and apparently if you wanted to go all the way up to Nevada Falls you had to snowshoe. But we did run into a few brave souls who went all the way up to Nevada! Usually, you can at least make it to Vernal.


Winter in Badger Pass at the Ski or Snowboard Area in Yosemite National Park has fun activities for your winter itinerary!
[A literal winter wonderland – please add this to your itinerary!]
Snowshoeing in Badger Pass in Yosemite National Park is a fun activity for your winter itinerary!
[You can’t see it but this is totally me snowshoeing along the trail at Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area! You can rent them from the Nordic Center; photo by Sabrina]
You can take a bus up to the Ski and Snowboard Area for free, or you can drive (but like aforementioned, we are pathetic Californians so we took the bus).

The bus takes about 45 minutes and goes up a few times in the morning and back in the afternoon. We missed the early bus (oops) so we were only up there for a few hours, but it was my first time snowshoeing and really cool! I’d love to go all the way to Dewey Point next time.

I’d say that snowshoeing is a MUST DO winter activity in Yosemite!


I haven’t yet, but I’ve heard that visiting and dining there is quite the experience. Unfortunately it’s a little on the expensive side (but that’s to be expected…) but I’d still like to!


I have yet to do this (it was closed for renovation when we were there last year), but how much cooler can it be to ice skate under half dome??? There’s a rink in Curry Village so you can literally SEE HALF DOME AND ICE SKATE LIKE WHAT. There’s also one in Tenaya Lodge that’s supposed to be pretty.

I’m bummed because this would have been my absolute favorite winter activities. Definitely add it to your itinerary if it’s indeed open!


Lower Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park is a great winter hike for your itinerary!
[Lower Yosemite Falls, as seen from the trail, is a short and ridiculously easy winter hike]
We walked to Lower Yosemite Falls (super easy 1 mile trip), but you can also try and hike to Upper Yosemite Falls, which is a 7.2 mile roundtrip hike.


Missed these falls last time, but they’re on the list for my next trip!

A Winter Hike to Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park in February
[Looking back at all the pretty things; photo by Sabrina]
I’m headed back to Yosemite pretty soon to see the firefall (HOPEFULLY…). I’m ver ver excited and first on my list is the ice rink, the Majestic Hotel, Bridalveil Falls, and staring at pretty things because that’s one of my favorite hobbies.

Update: I did not see the firefall because there wasn’t enough rain/snowmelt, and therefore the waterfall wasn’t actually a waterfall. Third times the charm?

Coyote in the snow in winter in Yosemite National Park in February
[Look closely on the log and you can see a coyote!! I also saw Mule Deer and a bobcat!]
I absolutely love visiting places in the winter (maybe because I grew up without snow days, since I grew up in the Bay Area? I think I’m subconsciously still pissed about it). I just think winter is so much more magical (at times – other times, ok most of the time, I’m crying about the cold). So recently, I went to Stockholm, Abisko, and Copenhagen in January!

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