Vancouver, Canada: I’m Also Obsessed With You

Oh Canada: I'm Kind of Like Really Obsessed With You[This is Lynn Canyon Park! Go Go Go!!!]

So I shared with y’all how much I’m obsessed with Victoria, and now it’s time to talk about Vancouver!

It’s definitely much bigger than Victoria, but I loved it all the same. And the natures – especially in west Vancouver, where we stayed – is so so damn lovely.


Waterfall at Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver, Canada, BC

Lynn Canyon Park in Vancouver, Canada, BC[Um so like all the water is this color, HOW IS IT SO BEAUTIFUL, IT LOOKS LIKE KOOL-AID (hopefully it’s not though…)]

You should DEFINITELY go here. We wanted to do a suspension bridge, but didn’t want to pay for Capilano ($42.95 for an adult ticket!), so we came here instead!

And it’s totally free. And the water is probably fake. Actually the whole place is probably fake. But you should still go, because it literally feels like you just walked onto the set of Jurassic Park (but without the scary dinosaurs).


[Squamish has a suspension bridge, too, at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola!]

Fjord in Squamish, Canada, BC at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola

Our AirBnb host recommend this to us (another perk of renting AirBnb’s – you really get the local’s advice!), and it was seriously SO. BEAUTIFUL.

Do the Sea to Sky Gondola, there’s a free suspension bridge at the top that overlooks the Howe Sound Fjord and trails you can hike.

The drive up there is absolutely gorgeous, too – it’s worth it for the drive alone, honestly.


Shannon Falls near Vancouver, Canada, BC

Nature in Shannon Falls Provincial Park near Vancouver, Canada, BC[Literally obsessed with the color of the water]

If you go to Squamish, you should definitely go here because it’s right next to it! It’s a super easy hike to the waterfall – like less than a mile up a paved path. So you have no excuse.


Porteau Cove in Vancouver, Canada[THE MOUNTAINS AND THE WATER AND AHHHH]


This place is perfect. Like I was in awe. The water and the mountains and ahhh. This park is on the smaller side, but it definitely is worth a stop! You can also camp on the shores as seen in the picture above.


Fall foliage in Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada, BC[Fall is such a beautiful time to visit, highly recommend]

Hanging out in Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada, BC[Awkwardly standing with perfectly candid casual hand placements are one of my favorite pastimes, especially in a super dope park]

Yo so check out this park if you wanna have the time of your life. Lol but yeah, it was a really cool park!

We only explored it for like an hour on foot because we got there late in the day, so it was going to be dark soon, and you do have to pay to park. But, we explored by car after, and I am so jealous of all the Vancouver-ites that live so close to this lovely little (jk it’s huge) space! The trees. The TREES! THE TREES! I do somewhat enjoy trees, if you couldn’t tell.


Boats as viewed from Lighthouse Park in Vancouver, Canada, BC[I think there must’ve been a boat race going on but I’m really not sure]

The lighthouse in Lighthouse Park, Vancouver, Canada, BCI was on a mission to see the big lighthouse, but apparently you need to be on the water or have a drone to get a really good view/pic of it. Womp womp.

Regardless, this park was a beautiful ass place to see the sunset! Take a trail to see the big lighthouse, then to Starboat Cove, and then prepare to (most likely) cry because of the beauty of the sun waving goodbye.


So I suck and didn’t get any good pictures of this place. But just know it was a super cute little area of Vancouver, with lots of shops and brick buildings etc.

I feel like I say this about all the places I write posts about (I only really post about places I went and loved haha, I leave out the ones I didn’t), but I LOVED VANCOUVER AND WANT TO GO BACK SO BAD. Like I wouldn’t mind living there. Except probably not downtown, because their creepy sci-fi houses terrify me.

Buildings in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, BC[The eerie buildings I was telling you about above – I just don’t get it]

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