Seattle for New Years’

Kerry Park in Seattle[Kerry Park in Seattle]

Okay, so – Seattle for New Years’ might not be like, revolutionary or anything, but it was such a good choice!

We had such a great time, and the fireworks at the Space Needle were AMAZING. Like super elegant. And classy AF. Not like those tacky ass firework shows you normally see. The colors were so on point and it was just so PRETTY. See a video here.

We stayed at The Mediterranean, and were supposed to watch fireworks from the roof, but it was too crowded so we just wandered onto the street instead and (IMO) got an even better view!

Storefront in Seattle, Washington[Pretty store front we saw on our way to Pike Place]

We ended up only being there for like a 2 half days and one full day – we were supposed to be there for 2 full days buuuuut missed our flight early Saturday morning (arrived at the airport literally right as our flight was leaving, so sad)…

That was a disaster and a half…So note to self: set like 1038448 alarms so you don’t accidentally forget that you haven’t set 4857484 alarms and turn your last one off because you’re an idiot and groggy and basically still asleep…

Luckily, my friend had a voucher we were able to use so that our new flight out didn’t cost an arm and a leg and another arm lol. But then on the way back, our flight was delayed 2 hours…oh the irony.

Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington[Pathway in Discovery Park]

ANYWAYS. The actual time IN Seattle was lit. So here’s what we did:


We ate here for dinner one night, and let me tell you. The food was literally OUT OF THIS WORLD. If you’re a vegetarian get the lasagna. SO GOOD. And we had the apple tart thing for dessert and OMG. DO IT. And the restaurant itself has the prettiest decor/ambiance.


Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle, Washington[Easy to walk to on your way to Pike Place Market! And so, so pretty]

On the first morning, we got lucky with beautiful weather and figured we’d do the 30 min walk to Pike Place. We walked down to the waterfront, and lo and behold, Myrtle Edwards Park! The views of the mountains were absolutely amazinggg. We also walked through Olympic Sculpture Park, but I was way more excited about Myrtle Edwards.


Pike Street Press in Seattle, Washington[Absolutely obsessed with the storefront]

We accidentally stumbled upon this gem on our way to Pike Place! It has all kinds of cool posters, cards, and journals etc. I’m a (super picky) journal addict and found one I was obsessed with.


Flight of beers at Seattle Brewing Company in Seattle, WashingtonWe also stumbled upon Seattle Beer Company on our way to the market! Their beers were decent, but to be honest, we preferred Elysian Brewing Company on our way out from the market. Personally, I thought their beers were of higher quality (but, I’m also a super newb when it comes to beer, so maybe don’t take it from me? Just my opinion!).

PIKE PLACE MARKET IS A MUST OF COURSEPike Place Market in Seattle, Washington

[What you don’t see in this picture: the hordes of people below]

Of course, would it even be Seattle if you didn’t hit up this classic? Apparently, it’s suggested that you go in the afternoon to avoid the morning rush. We arrived around 1 or so, and I didn’t think it was TOO TOO crowded, but it was decently so. Still worth a quick stop regardless, though!


View from the garden in Pike Place MarketOkay, so I mainly say this because, yes, the garden itself is cute, but THAT VIEW! Might as well just stop by to stare at its prettiness.


Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington[About to place my territorial quintessential piece of gum on said wall]

It’s easy to get to (just go into Pike Place, and ask around or go downstairs and turn left, it’s a sketchy looking little door) and cool. There are tons of people, though – somehow I managed to get this picture with no tourists.


Gas Works Park at sunset in Seattle, Washington

Gas Works Park at sunset in Seattle, Washington

The waterfront at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WashingtonThis place is so cool! And has the best view over the water. I’d highly recommend it for sunset/after dark wanderings! While you’re there, you should check out The Fremont Troll (although if you’re pressed for time, I’d say skip it), and Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar for some bomb Russian dumplings!


Kerry Park in Seattle, WashingtonObsessed with the view at this little park. There were a ton of people taking photos when we arrived; it’s a pretty popular spot. Lots of people come here to watch the fireworks at the Space Needle, apparently.


Tree lined pathway in Discovery Park in Seattle, WashingtonDiscovery Park was really pretty, and I wished we’d been able to stay longer.

But we were pressed for time (although if we had KNOWN our flight was going to be delayed for 2 hours, we totally could have! ughhh), and so we didn’t get to walk to the lighthouse viewpoint (which probably would’ve taken about 1.5 hours in total (but let’s be real, I take like 3954873 pictures so it would’ve been more like 3 LOLOL).

BUT we’ve already made plans to come back in the spring/summer because there were so many other cool things we missed!

Bubblegum Wall in Seattle, Washington[Bubblegum Wall]


Columbia Tower: half the price, and apparently a better view than the Space Needle

Space Needle: that said, the Space Needle is supposed to be remodeled with a freaking glass floor in the restaurant, which I am 1000% down for (although all the locals said not to go up to the Space Needle because it was lame lol, but a glass floor changes things!)

The lighthouse view at Discovery Park

Ferry to Bainbridge Island: I’ve heard Bainbridge Island itself isn’t really that exciting, but the views on the way are supposed to be breathtaking

The roof of The Mediterranean Hotel: Yes, that is the hotel we stayed in. But we were so busy running around that we totally forgot to take advantage of it! We went up briefly on New Years’ Eve to check out the view of the Space Needle before the fireworks, but it was honestly kind of small and crowded so we didn’t stay very long. I’d love to enjoy breakfast up there in the morning, or wind down with a glass (or 5) of wine at the end of the day. And apparently you can go up and check it out even if you’re not staying there…

View from the garden rooftop in Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington[A wider view from the garden in Pike Place Market]

I was obsessed with Seattle. It felt like a really clean, less in-your-face-busy San Francisco? And I loved having access to nature so close by.

We got really lucky with the weather (sunny and warm-ish the whole time we were there!), but I feel like I could totally live there. I’m not a huge city person, but I can’t wait to go back!

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