Oh Hi There

OH hello there blogosphere. How I’ve missed ya!

It’s been a while but I’m v excited to be back with travel thoughts, eco-friendliness, and general life fun.

Things you’ll find on this blog:
Pictures of things
Nature and some bird nerdiness
My attempt at advice
TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL (and also, travel)
Some creativity and artsy fartsy stuff
Thoughts on environmentalism and conservation

Things you won’t find on this blog:
Cute pets (sorry, I don’t have any)
I think that’s it…

…BUT you’ll have to read on to see :))))))

Why the name “Sights Better Seen”?
Truth is, it took me forever to start this blog because I couldn’t decide on a name I liked.

And I wanted it to be a GOOD name – I wanted it to encapsulate perfectly what I wanted to write about.
But finally I said F*CK it – and went with a name I came up with (actually, I think my cousin or my brother came up with it? I honestly can’t remember) months ago……..


But anyways. It’s definitely going to be very travel-related so it’s kind of a play on the expression “sightsee”. Ya feel. As far as the environmentalismΒ part – like we should take care of all these beautiful places now or else they won’t be around for us to “see” them later.

SO with all that said – hope y’all enjoy!!

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