My Natural Beauty Routine

Natural Beauty Routine: What I Use & Some TipsI’m slowly transitioning into a more natural, less wasteful, cruelty-free beauty routine. I haven’t really tried to make my own make up yet – I don’t know if I’ll ever graduate to that level of intenseness – but here are some brands that I like:

Well People Mascara
Zuzu Eyeliner

I’m still finishing the rest of my make up – I’ll probably never get around to using all of the eyeshadows/lipsticks/foundation I’ve had since college, because I honestly only really wear it when I go out. Probably not the best (I think you’re supposed to throw make up away after like six months lol and I’ve some of it for maybe like four years?). If anyone has good recommendations for these let a girl know!

I’ve been making my own:
Dry shampoo (I tap it on my roots with an old fluffy make up brush; make sure to put it UNDER the top layer of your hair so that it doesn’t look powdery!)
Deodorant (Test it out on a small patch of skin first, because some people are sensitive to the baking soda)
Lotion, also found here. I liked both of these recipes, but man, my blender was a bitch to clean after! Any tips for this??
Toothpaste <– This is what I currently make, but this one also looks good! If you’re using coconut oil, make sure to spit in your trash because it can harden and clog your pipes if you’re spitting in the sink.

I’m still figuring out shampoo and conditioner – if anyone has any good natural, zero-waste haircare products let a girl know (I used to swear by the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method, but the baking soda was drying out my hair)! Same with hair dye (here’s a good article on that). I might try using henna in the future, but I feel like there’s no way to drastically change your hair color via natural dyes. I’d also still love to dye my hair pink/lavender – I’ll have to do more research on that, too. It’s tough being a girly girl that loves make up and hair and glitter and shopping and things but also trying to be natural and zero waste. Permanent SIGH. I can’t wait until this is more commonplace, so we have more options to choose from in the future!

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