My Favorite ‘Popular’ European Cities

my favorite 'popular' european cities - the cathedral in florence[The Cathedral of Florence, aka The Duomo, is absolutely gorgeous]

So, by ‘popular’, I mean the cities you’re most likely to go to on your first whirlwind European tour, i.e. Rome, Barcelona, London, etc. Those cities you’d have to be living under a rock a la Patrick from Spongebob to not know about.

This list is all just my personal opinion, and keep in mind that I definitely based the list off of my experiences, too. That said, here are my favorites (along with some I’d like to visit):


Three girls standing in a Park in Paris surrounded by colorful flowers[The Eiffel Tower is cool and all, but I’m not really a fan. But DO go at night because it lights up! I’m mostly here for the crepes and croissants and the pretty flowers you find in parks like this]

Because Paris is just…Paris. It really is that magical and beautiful and just so Parisian. And yes, the crepes and macaroons and croissants really are that amazing. I still dream about them.


florence, italy at sunset from the piazzale michelangelo[Florence being its beautiful damn self – overlook on the way up to the Piazzale Michelangelo]

Ughhhh Florence is just sooo pretty. Even though it’s still so touristy (and I’m not a fan of touristy) it’s still 100% worth going to. Just try to go during the low or shoulder season!

Definitely go to the top of the Duomo and go to Piazzale Michelangelo!


Overlooking the city of Prague with lots of orange rooftops and trees[Overlook of the city on the walk up to the Prague Castle – aren’t city overlooks just the best? And totally worth the sweat, tears, and various obscenities to get to the top]

Prague is so cute and pretty and lovely and CHEAP. Although we had the most rude encounters in Prague (But we also met lots of lovely people, too! It seemed people were either really nice or really rude), I would gladly go back. The architecture and views of the city are just absolutely stunning.


Bikes lining a canal in Amsterdam[A picture of a canal in Amsterdam? Groundbreaking…]

Amsterdam is so pretty! The tall, wiry buildings; the abundance of bikes; its walkability; among other things make this city one of my favorites.

Definitely visit the Tulip Museum! One of my unexpectedly favorite things I did while there. Although should I really be surprised? I’m what I like to call a flower fiend. Whatever the hell that means. I just really like flowers, okay!


Standing at a red telephone booth in London[Would it really be London without this quintessentially basic tourist pic? I think not]

They have cool accents, free museums, a fun transportation system, and lots of my favorite weather (rain). What more could I have asked for?


Nyhavn and its canals and colorful buildings in Copenhagen in winter I just went to Copenhagen in January 2018, and I loved it! I really enjoyed Stockholm, too, but wouldn’t say I LOVED it. I’d like to give it another chance, though, and check it out again in the summer.

But Copenhagen – it exceeded my expectations! The buildings are so pretty, it’s so walkable, everyone is so fashionable and nice – I could go on and on.

I tend to gravitate towards the smaller, ‘pretty’ cities. I am much more about how a city looks than its energy, if that makes sense. I mean, energy is important, too, but I’m the type of person where I feel more inspired if my surroundings are beautiful and charming.

Ugh, I’m sure I sound so basic, but it’s the truth! I also tend to prefer smaller cities, as bigger ones can be a bit overwhelming for me (#introvert) and I love when I can just walk everywhere and don’t have to deal with public transportation (although public transportation in Europe is pretty freaking amazing).

Other ‘popular’ European cities I really want to see:
Istanbul (Did you know that Istanbul is separated over two continents?? Part of it lies in Asia, and part of it in Europe!).

I still have so much exploring to do!! Ugh. Am I even qualified to write this list? Idk, man. But I did it anyways? Because I’ll do anything to get to talk about my travels? #desperate

I absolutely love European cities – each one has its own ‘flavor’ so to speak, and I cannot say enough good things about their public transportation systems!! SO much better than here in the states.

There’s also just so much history, and I love the different styles of the buildings. It’s so different from the US, where everything feels so modernized. I’ll 1000000% be going back to stare at more pretty places.

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