california travel bucketlist

california travel bucketlist[Driving on a random road in Arizona]

Okay so these are things I’ll most likely cross off in the next year (so they’re basically ALL in California). Mainly because making a legit bucketlist makes me cry because I want to go to places like Iceland and Kyrgyzstan and it’s not likely gonna happen right now at this very exact moment. So here’s some California weekend trips inspiration!
ALSO, in my head, a “year” kind of starts and ends in September instead of January – it just makes more sense to me? Thanks, school schedule (even though I’m not in school anymore, I work in a job where I do school programs – so I’m kind of still on that hype).


A-Frame Cabin AirBnb[via]

…For a weekend and stay alone! Or with one good friend. There’s just something that sounds so NICE about dedicating an entire weekend to relaxing and blogging and nature in a cute little cabin somewhere. Eeeeek that’s the introvert in me I suppose! I’m thinking I’ll probably do this one rainy/foggy weekend in winter. If I can find a reasonably priced AirBnb that is. There’s this annoying trend where places are ridiculously expensive and they’re literally just a plot of dirt. Especially in California!


Muir Woods near San Fransisco, California

For whatever reason, I’ve never been?? I def would want to go on a weekday, though, as I’ve heard it is PACKED on the weekends.

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARKSequoia National Park in California


Why haven’t I been here yet? I don’t know either. Crystal Cave and Precipice Lake look AMAZING. Ideally, I’d love love love to backpack here.


Biolumiescent Beach in California
[via; I don’t think this picture is of Tomales Bay, but I do imagine the bioluminescence looks somewhat like this! Again, will report back]

…To see the bioluminescence! I’m hoping to do this in the next few weeks (apparently, the window is from May-November, so I’d be going at the very end). If not, I’m going to go in early summer!


Inyo Crater, Devil's Postpile, and Rainbow Falls near Mammoth, California
[via, via, via]

Bodie (a super cool abandoned ghost town turned museum), Devil’s Postpile, Rainbow Falls, Inyo Crater, and MORE HOT SPRINGS! I went to the Eastern Sierras/Mammoth area last month, and I’m dying to see more because that whole area is so damn beautiful. Plus there’s just SO MUCH COOL SHIT TO SEE.


Beach on the 17-Mile Drive near Monterey, California

Near Monterey! This is supposed to be a super duper pretty drive. You do have to pay ($10), but supposedly it’s worth it? I will report back! I was even thinking that biking would be really fun (and you don’t have to pay for that), so maybe I’ll do that instead. I really really loved biking Slea Head Drive in Ireland and around Killarney National Park, so why not?


Waddell Beach at the end of the Skyline-to-Sea Trail in California
[via; Overlooking Waddell Beach at the end of the trail]

I think this would be so cool to backpack! My friends and I have tentative plans to do this in the spring. It’s about a 30 mile trail, so ideally we’d do it over the course of 3 days.


McWay Falls in Big Sur, California

Including Pfeiffer Beach and McWay Falls! I haven’t been in forever (I think last and only time was for my 13th birthday!), and the bridge is open again! And it’s only like a 3ish hour drive from where I live, so I have no excuse, really.


Firefall in Yosemite, California

Around 2 weeks in February, the setting sun hits Horsetail Falls in Yosemite at the perfect angle so it looks like it’s on fire. We attempted to see it last year, but it was too cloudy ALL 3 NIGHTS WE WERE THERE 🙁 So sad. It would also be cool to snowshoe to Dewey Point (we went really last minute last year and didn’t have time, so it would be cool to actually go all the way there this year!). I don’t know if I’d want to camp again this year, though – it was SO rainy, and it wasn’t really the rain that bothered me, but the MUD. Everything got sooo dirty – so maybe just a quick day trip. Or I’d be okay camping if it’s not rainy.


Baker Beach in San Francisco, California
[via; Baker Beach in San Francisco]

Baker Beach (how have I not been here yet?), Alcatraz, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge from SF -> Sausalito, and the Tiled Stairs are at the top of the list currently.


Mooney Falls in Havasupai, Arizona
[via; Mooney Falls in Havasupai]

SO I’m hoping to finally make it to Havasupai in AZ later this year…we shall see!! It’s a pain in the ass to get a reservation there, but I’m determined to do so this year! I’m thinking late May/early June.

So, looks like I have some traveling to do!! So so so excited to see some cool shit!!!

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